Ok. So as you all may know we need more pictures for the articles we have. There are not very much pictures. I mean we have some but a lot of them will not be used for articles. We need someone to try to take pictures for theses articles we have. So here is what we could do: 1) we would give the user a small list of about 3 or 4 pictures with the name of the article so we know what we need. 2) After they have finished certain article pictures, the user will alert us of which ones they have finished then for each one they have finished, we will give them a new one in their places. They do not have to do it all in one day so they able to put it off but not for a long time. Please leave a comment of your ideas of who should do it or what else we could do or just plain comments. Thank you!--EuropeaI have a paintbrush and i'm not afraid to use it! 03:21, December 27, 2009 (UTC)