Candidate 3 has won! Thanks for voting!

Regulations for the logo:

  • Must be correct size (216 pixels by 155 pixels).
  • Must be appropriate, whoever sends in an inappropriate photo will be blocked for a month, no warning. Inappropriateness includes anything that goes against the rules of CP (Cussing, drugs, etc...)
  • Do NOT save the destination filename (what it's called, i.e. Example.png) as "Wiki.png". This will automatically set it as the wiki's logo.
  • DO save the filename as "png" because that will give it a clear resolution.
  • When you do make the logo, put it on the talk page.

Voting Rules:

  • Vote once, only once. If the votes are rigged, that's not cool, and we might be stuck with a cruddy logo.
  • No voting for friends unless you like their logo, and no telling friends who to vote for.
  • That said, you also cannot vote FOR YOURSELF, whether once or repeatedly.

Vote Now! The voting will be open until August 28, 2009. VOTING IS CLOSED, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE.

What logo do you want to see? (Please note this is the logo on the left sidebar, not the Favicon, which is the little picture next to the URL.)

The poll was created at 02:42 on October 15, 2009, and so far 12 people voted.

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